Castle Oberkapfenberg


1173 was the year when the castle Kapfenberg (then Chaffenberch) was named the first time. Until 1985 the earl lived there as the lord of the castle.

Now it is owed by the city of Kapfenberg and is a beloved place to visit.

You can visit the castle itself! A guided tour through the exiption “Crossing the Borders” “Take a journey through time to the crusaders and the alchemists of old” is recommended.

Espcially for childreen it is great, even though a bit creepy 😉

The castle is used as a location for weddings or other celebrations. A knightful reception can be orderd.

The restaurant or the bar can always be visited.

Don’t miss the yearly Knights-Festival or Haloween on October 31st!


Knights’ games

Show off your talent at playing knights’ games.

Collect points at the different stations: pitching horseshoes, shooting with bow and arrows, playing Russian skittles, cracking nuts.  Your points are put on your entry sheet and the sheets are collected.  A prize will be waiting for the top performers and the person finishing in last place will get a special surprise too!

Our knights’ games are a funny change of pace for celebrations and events of all kinds.  They are perfect for the young, the young at heart and everyone in between.



Crossbow games

Our Fellows of the Medieval Round Table indoor crossbow shooting stand located in the uppermost room of the gate tower is a favorite item on the agenda for events of all kinds.  Expert instruction means that both practiced shots and greenhorns alike can hit the mark.



irds of prey demonstration

the one-of-a-kind birds of prey demonstration will delight you again and again.

With an unforgettable panorama as their backdrop, our birds of prey demonstrate their breathtakingly daring untethered flight moves. Watch the eagles, buzzards, falcons, and owls up close and personal.
Be close to the action watching a griffon vulture gliding through the air or the plummet of a falcon at prey.

The most modern structural designs, aviaries that are spacious and appropriate for the species and barrier-free facilities are just a few of the reasons that a visit to the Falconry at the Castle is fun for everyone.

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