Did you ever trek with an Alpaka?          Not yet? 😉

It is possible in Krieglach. At the Mürztaler Alpakahof families and school classes can spend a very special time with those wonderful animals.

Alpakas are very gentle and quite animals, who can be trained to walk on the leash. And they are sooo soft! And this is because they are so valuable. Their fur is a prized commodity.

At the farm there is a small shop where you can see what is made out of the Alpaka fur. The speciality is that the sweaters etc. are breathing. They adjust to temperature as the Alpakas can. Alpakas are originally from SouthAmerica where extrem temperature changes between day and night are normal.

Did you get curious about those animals? Harry from the Alpakahof will tell you many more interessting things about them.

Foto (c) Alpakahof Krieglach