castle Lichtenegg

In the 14th century the castle Lichtenegg was built. Orignially a simple farm it became a castle with more levels.

Not an association is working on the preservation of the castle. Guests can visit the homelandmuseum within the castle, where some insights into the local history, their farmers, traders and ground or industry workers in the region.

During summer there is gastronomy during weekends.

The museum can be visted anytime with an appointment: Mobile: +43 (0) 676 / 486 08 55

You can walk to the castle form the municipalty of Wartberg. The distance is only 2 km.

Please walk in the direction of the church, go on on the main street until you come to the crossing with the hightway.
Use the untergrade crossing to come to the other side, cross the rail tracks and go on a bit uphill until you come to a small bridge. From there you walk left on the street through the forst up to the castle.

Fotos (c) Gemeinde Wartberg