Castle Hohenwang

Once a powerful castle, now a ruin to visit. The ruin of Hohenwang is looking back into a eventful history.

Situated on a steep hill which to the southwest ends with a vertical cliff. About 100 meters above the town, it is one of the most important embankements of the Middle Ages throughout region.

The preserve the ruin an Associtiona – the Burgverein Hohenwang – is working many voluntary hours. You can book a guides tour through them. On their Homepage you will find many more infos, pictures and even a virtual tour.

The ruin is easily reached through a forest street on foot. There is now entrance fee. Please be so kind to give something to the association.

Every year – on the first Sunday of July – is the so called Hochschloss-Kirchtag. After a holy mess at the church in town, the people of Langenwang walk up to the ruin. There are market stands and gastronomy up at the ruin for one day.

Foto (c) Polansky