Peter Rosegger – historic walk

Each year ot the last sunday before the Holy Night the so called Christtagsfreudenwanderung takes place in Langenwang.

It is a very special Event we can highly recommend. Peter Rosegger was a Poet living around the 1900’s. He went on this path to buy the rare Christmas goodies in town for his Family when he was a child. Much later he wrote about it in the novel “Als ich Christtagsfreuden holen ging”.

To walk on the path reminds us of our forefathers harsh times, especially the mountain farmers, who had to walk miles on foot.

Especially at Christmas time it helps us and our children to experience the real meaning of Christmas.

This year the walking-tour is on December 22nd.

You can already reserve a room in the Gästedorf for you and your Family. Sunday Morning we start!

We recommend to stay until Monday, because especially the nightly entry into town with torches is romantic. There you can warm yourself up with some hot drinks.

It would be great if you could join!

Fotos (c) POLANSKY