GOLF – The cheapest way to play golf; starting from the Gästedorf Waldheimat

Die golf court Castle Feistritz is only some Kilometers away from our house.

The first owner of the Castle was Jakob de Fustritz at approx. 1460. From 1630 on all its owners are registerd at the chronicle. At the moment – since 1987 Christian Renaud owns the Castle, but he is willing to sell. So maybe you take a closer look 🙂 But be Aware! It is private proberty and you cannot walk on the premises.

At this castle is a 9-hole golf court, which used to be private until 1987.

If you have a ÖGV-Green Card you can Play at any time at the court at Schloss Feistritz.

More Infos about the card here. Read about the Rules & Restrictions here

Foto (c) Polansky