Running/Nordic Walking

Directly from the Gästedorf there are perfect running courses for you. E.g. to the floodplains or further around the swimming pond or the Erlebnislaufrunde which is marked through Langenwang.

Every wednesday at 6 p.m. (saison 2013) runners meet at the café Sowieso (right next to the Gästedorf) to run. Everybody can just join. Different groups run at different paces – there will be someting for everybody. Some women usually also walk with their nordic Walking sticks. Use the chance to get to know the running paths. And of course its free.

2013 it was the 18th of june when the Langenwanger Erlebnislauf took place. 2014 is no run planed!

It is also possible to book a running coach! And improve your running! Just ask at the Gästedorf!

Foto (c) Kristen