Biking is a big pasttime in our region and there are many tour options for you.

There is lots of space for your bikes in our courtyard. Small Groups can even lock them in our Schistall (room key locks).



    You can rent e-bikes in MÜrzzuschlag at the ebock Center at the main square. Please check the Website for opening hours:
    Or in Krieglach at Koiser. There you can also rent regular bikes +43(0)680 2164800.

Michi put some (mountain)routeser for you. If you want he will Show you all of them on site. Michi can tell you many things about our local mountains, routes and the Flora in the roadside on the way. You can contact him directly email or call him +43 (664) 73236645.


Langenwanger Au

approx. 7,5 km

Take your bike and go Downstream until you reach the Castle Feistritz (GPS: Zone 33 N, Ost 543790, Nord 5267895, 625 m). There you reach a wooden Bridge which crosses over to the Langenwanger Au. Best park your bike and walk through the area on foot. Go back by bike on the R5 alongside the autobahn.

If you want to go a bit further, just keep on going at the Castle Feistritz (don’t cross the Bridge yet) until you reach the bathing lake and turn from there back home along the Autobahn at the R5.


Mürztalradweg R5

This Biking route goes past the Gästedorf Waldheimat.

The R5 is a route through the valley; from the city of Bruck a.d. Mur until Frein a.d. Mürz. All together there are about 76 km and Langenwang is about in the middle of it. From Langenwang until Bruck a.d. Mur are 39 km and from Langenwang to Frein a.d. Mürz in the other direction 37 km. The route is moslty on side roades with a Minimum traffic; from Mürzzuschlag until Neuberg on the old train tracks.

The R5 connects to several other routes: Lamingtalradweg R41, Semmeringradweg R46, Veitschtalradweg R48, Murtalradweg R2

It is also possible to handle a part of a route by train as the route goes along the tracks some ways and you can take your bikes in the regional trains with you.



From Langenwang through the Traibachgraben to the Hauereck (GPS: Zone 33 N, Ost 552155, Nord 5263100, 1296 m). Back over the Alpl and Krieglach (approx. 32 km).



From Langenwang to Hönigsberg, over the Bärenkogelhaus and the Ganzalpe to the Roseggerhaus (GPS: Zone 33 N, Ost 555635, Nord 5266100, 1586 m) on the Pretul. Go the same way back (approx. 28 km) or go further on the other side of the mountain in direction Rettenegg im Feistritztal until the route of the Alpentour, further to the Hauereck and back over the Alpl (approx. 57 km) or the Traibachgraben (approx. 55 km).




From Langenwang in direction Krieglach. Turn right to the Malleisten (Turning GPS: Zone 33 N, Ost 542755, Nord 5267310, 614 m). Bevor the Annerlbauer stay right and go straight at the next turning and right again; then always straight until the Malleistenalm (GPS: Zone 33 N, Ost 543000, Nord 5273495, 1266 m). Go back the same way (approx. 27 km).


Here are the Biking tours in our Region – Hochsteiermark: click here










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