The alpine hut at the Ganzalm (1381m) is renting out sledges, which can just be left at the end of the right at the parking. To get to the alpine hut you have to wander uphill. The street is closed for walkers and bobsleigh riders.

From the Gästedorf your take your car to Mürzzuschlag on the Autobahn. Right after the autobahn exit you turn right to the Ganzalm, in direction of the Bärenkogel. On this steep street you drive about 5 km uphill until the parking lot – Bärenkogelsattel. From there you need to walk on foot or with tourskis.



The Toboggan Night Run at the Semmering is something special. On a 3 km run you find fantastic tunnels, structures with magic light effects and much more. Fun for kids and adults. It is also open during the day and gives you an alternative to the classic downhilling.

You can rent bobsledges etc. at the valley station Sport Puschi.

Fotos (c) Wurzinger