Our Natur- and Bathing Lake is in Krieglach – the next village in the direction of Graz. By bike you can reach the lek in only 15 min.

In ist area are two sand beach Volleyball courts and a newly built space for Kids! There is also a Café!
To relax you can enjoy this water and nature adventureland on an area of over 90.000m², with the lake (50.000m²), a swimming pond (3.000m²), a Kneipp Circuit, you can rent boats, big playground and outdoor fitness equipment!

The entrance is free – for parking the first hour is free, then a small amount is to be payed.

More info and pictures are <here

Indoord Swimming: If there is bad weather you can use the indoor Swimming pool in Mürzzuschlag or Veitsch.

Swim Training: If you are interessted in a teacher/trainer for your swim club, sport School or other group, please contact us directly.

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