There is no gastronomic offer directly through the Gästedorf. For our guests we have two fully equipped kitchens with dining areas. For every guest there are plates and glasses and cutlery etc. provided and enough space to cook and enjoy meals.

You can put your food stuff in the fridges and make a comfi breakfast in front of our rooms or a nice dinner after the day on the slopes.

Of course you need to clean your used pots etc. immediatly and put them back in the cupboards. Please be aware that you are not the only person to use the kitchen and that it is only possible to offer such cheap rates, when you uphold this system!

Pleae also recycle your waste. We are aware of our Environment and it starts with the Recycling process. Different waste baskets are provided. Please use it! The garbage place at the outside area are also to be used.

In every kitchen there is a fridge, a microwave oven, a stove, a water cooker, a coffee machine, dish detergent, dish towels and of course enough equipment for everybody.

During summer you can use the outsie Barbecue Station. You Need to buy your own charcoal and Need to clean the place after use.

Have fun cooking!  Mahlzeit 😉

No desire to cook yourself?

Right next door the Cafè-Restaurant Sowieso offers you a range of possible meals. In the village you find many more places to eat. We help you with recommendations and suggest that you try the delivery from our organic Food store.

For all the possibilities please scroll on the right side.