Early breakfast

In the Gästedorf Waldheimat two fully equipped are provided for your use. The Supermarket is right around the Corner.

But you can also eat your breakfast in town. We reccomend the Cafè Pucher in Langenwang.

Only 7 minutes walk away, it is open from 6 a.m. daily but Sundays. So it is perfect especially for Early Birds. The breakfast before you hit the slopes our trek on the mountain.

For Groups please call in advance.

Café Pucher: Sandra Pucher, Wiener Straße 5 8665 Langenwang


Breakfast Monday to Saturday

6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Small Breakfast: 2 buns, butter jam

one beverage of choice: coffee, tee, hot chocolate           € 2,80

Big Breakfast: one bun, one pastry of choice, butter, ham and cheese

one beverage of choice: coffee, tee or hot chocolate           € 4,00



“Wurstsemmel” bun with some slices of cold cut  €1,20

“Käsesemmel” bun with some slices of cheese   € 1,40

“Buttersemmel”  bun with butter € 0,90

“Marmeladensemmel” bun with butter and jam   € 1,10

“Nutellasemmel” bun with chocolate cream   € 1,10

“Laugenstangerl” Prezel Bread with ham and cheese   € 2,40

Hot Sandwith with Ham and Cheese and Ketchup   € 2,60