Delivery & Partyservice

In the Gästedorf Waldheimat you will find two fully equipped kitchens for you to use! There you can prepare your own meals. A grocery store is Close by.

Should you not wish to cook in your Holidays, or maybe only your breakfast or another meal, you should think about the other Options we provide.

For instance you can order in: Eat a Pizza or Chinese and rest in front of the TV – comfi like home! But a lot more is possible.

Restaurants with Take-away and delivery service:

  • Pizzeria Lucente menu.
  • China Restaurant Shanghai menu
  • Pizza Express menu

You can allso order traditional kitchen at the local Partyservice. Please make sure that you are at least 10 People!

“We like to cook for Groups of 10 People up, traditional Food is our speciality. It is selv evident for us, that we only unse fresh ingredients and cook as orderd.

It is also possible that we cook directly at the Gästedorf if you wish.

You can allso order traditional home made cakes e.g. for birthdays etc. or Strudels,…


Annemarie Renate ZWING

8665 Langenwang,  Straßäckergasse 18

Tel.: 03854/2277 oder  0680/3160030