Datenschutzverordnung DSVGO

Dear Guests!

Since we started in January 2011, we had to collect your data for the mandatory registration of your name and home adress.

With this new law we are prohibited to use it to inform you about news of the Gästedorf itself; without your prior consent.
Right now we save names, telephone numbers, post adresses and e.mail adresses.

We use them to inform you about News of the Gästedorf Waldheimat or the region; usually per Post. We do not send Newsletters.

The new EU data law started with May 25th and protects your data in many ways. We are not giving your data to anybody; we never did that, even before this new law!
Of Course you have the right to be deleted. The registrations have to be saved for 8 years; only then can we destroy them.

If you have Questions which data we have and how we save it, please just write us!

Eure Sabine Putzgruber-Bauer