Our telephone number:  +43 (676)-6966266.

Our address: Gästedorf Waldheimat, Festwiese 2, 8665 Langenwang.

Our e.mail: info(at)
! If you use Google Maps – please search for “Gästedorf Waldheimat”; if you only search for Festwiese 2 – it will be wrong !

You can book easily per mail.

Our bank account: Gaestedorf Waldheimat @ Sparkasse Mürzzuschlag / IBAN: AT162082800000006767 BIC: SPMZAT21XXX


Once in Langenwang, you need to find the Gästedorf. For that we drew you a plan. Attention – you cannot cross the Festwiese by car. Please drive along the Siglstraße.



You can park directly in front of the Gästedorf. There is a public parking, which can be used toll free by our guests. Should there not be space for you there, behind the Billa (you will see the Supermarket from the Gästedorf) has always space. Big busses can always stop directly in front of the Gästedorf. Should your bus Need a permanent parking lot – you can park directly at the Festwiese (in summer) or behind the Billa.